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Methodical and Southern. On an endeavor to learn & see ..everything.

I’m dangerously low on energy, and will to even get out of bed.

Any pep that is present in me (which isn’t much) is being fueled by Starbucks. Soon, that will run out, and summer camp will face an even grumpier K today. With the combination of 3 hours of sleep, the fact that I must write out 40 pages of my training manual (due to majority of our training group failing the dumb exam we were given), pulling a muscle in while playing kickball yesterday, and arriving to campus at 7:30am today (after an hours drive here) only to find out that they told us the wrong time - oops, they meant 9 - I’m just not in the mood. My karma is apparently in the crapper right now.

2 years ago
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