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Methodical and Southern. On an endeavor to learn & see ..everything.

So many pictures:

Last night was utterly amazing. The Pretty Reckless put on a kicccccckass show, as did the opening act, The Hollywood Kills. 

So, naturally I shall photo-vomit on tumblr:

1. Pre road-trip, then ran into a friend from Boone at the concert. Whaaaat tha!

2. Waltzed around Charlotte for a bit looking for a good bar to get pre-concert shwasted, Opening band (The Hollywood Kills), THE Taylor Momsen. Can we just pay some respect to these shoes?

3. Found a mustache on a Hollywood Kills band member and was offered a twirl (SN: I look like a total pregnant woman  - it was legit the flowy shirt!), THK lead singer and his curly curly hair, ROSSIFER! me and THK dude… This picture would have been improved by his suspenders ..had they not broken.

4. Met The Pretty Reckless after stealing a dude’s VIP bracelet! Taylor & I holding hands: best photo in pretty much the entire world.

As for today:

Parents paid a short visit to boone for an Honors Day event - which may or may not have been the biggest waste of my time ever. However, I walked awkwardly across a stage, got a pen, and headed to Canyons for a celebratory dinner with the parentals. 

5. I call this the wind-swept look. You’re welcome, tumblr.

Sorry for the so many pictures post.

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It. Is. Official.

This girl is headed to Charlotte next Thursday to see



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