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A successful 21st birthday celebration

Yesterday was my camp-bff’s 21st birthday.

Arkadia - a club in Fountainbleau (googled photo, but that’s where we werrre)

Obviously Miami is a good time, but last night was on point. One of our friends met a promoter a few weeks back, and this dude got us in and was basically amazing.

Bottles didn’t last too long, so birthday girl and I decided to wander around. 

So birthday girl and I were successfully enjoying ourselves by the end of the night (which in Miami is 6am), and ended up on the mini-stages where the nearly naked lady-dancers had been doing their thang all night.

The proof: Classy hang-on-to-the-poles-on-the-ceiling-so-you-dont-fall-off-the-stage-while-dancing photo.

Forever conservatively dressed.

2 years ago
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